Thursday, July 28, 2016

Special Feature of DJ INKERS graphics and a chance to win a FREE 'Kidillywinks' CD of back to school graphics! 
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                                                        Kidillywinks Clip Art

                  From July 28-Aug. 3 Kidillywinks will be on sale! 

I'm so excited to share with you the new "Kidillywinks" Back to School graphics from DJ Inkers! These graphics are so cute and they are offered in color or black and white! With these graphics I've created a Back to School writing and graphic organizer packet. I had so much fun making these products and now I want to make more!!!!

Cover Page

This packet includes writing templates and graphic organizers for the first week of school. Do you ever feel overwhelmed and stressed and need a filler for your class? With all the back to school hustle and bustle, we need some extra fillers in case we run out of time! This packet is just for that purpose! Your students will LOVE these writing and graphic organizers because it's all about them! And, who doesn't like to write about themselves???? All of the writing templates I've included are back to school themed and in color and black and white too!

All About Me
My Favorite Vacation
My Spectacular Summer
My Teacher
My Favorite Food
My Favorite Snack
My Favorite Sport
My Favorite Thing to Draw

Also included in this packet are graphic organizers in color and black and white with a back to school theme. 
                                             All About Me
                                       My New Best Friend
                                             My Teacher
                                         A Note for Parents
                                             Our Class Rules
                                             Math About Me!
                                          All About My Summer
                                        This Year is Uh-Mason! 

If you are interested in checking out my "Back to School Writing and Graphic Organizers" Packet using DJ Inkers clip art and fonts click here:

Back to School Writing and Graphic Organizers Grades 1-3

I've also created a FREEBIE for back to school and it's called:
Math About Me! Your students will enjoy learning about themselves using measurement, counting and mental math! You can give this to your students during class, or for their first homework assignment! 

Math About Me FREEBIE!

DJ Inkers has a brand new website with LOTS of fun smiles for Back to School! There's cute clip art, fun teacher printables, classroom themes, decoration, great fonts...and FREEBIES! Click below to sign-up for their e-newsletter list and join in the fun! (You even get some great freebies for signing up if you're new on the list.)

1st Link:

2nd Link:

To win a FREE Kidillywinks CD, try these options:
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This contest will be over on August 3rd... so sign up now! You will not be disappointed! This will help you get into the "Back to School" mode to create some extraordinary products for your classroom! I hope you win! 

                                                  Love, Kara
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